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Daejeon devot all their energy to attract medical tourist from far east Russia
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Daejeon devots all their energy to attract medical tourists from far east Russia

The orthopedist from Sun hospital has carried on medical consultation for more than 60 citizens in Khabarovsk, and Daejeon has designated one of the local hospitals as a base of cooperation hospital for attracting patients.  

A patient with intervertebral disk in Khabarovsk City, who had received treatment counseling from the doctor of Sun Hospital, made an appointment at Daejeon Sun Hospital.

In addition, More than 15 patients including Khabarovsk citizen Ms. Nokssanna reserved at Sun Hospital for intervertebral disk during the medical consultation. 

Director of Tajjiyana Vobna hospital, which designated as cooperation hospital showed his expectation. “we will strive to promote health for both Korean and Russian with active cooperative exchange.” 

After than, Daejeon held Daejeon medical tourism presentation targeting youth institution, multinational insurance company and local agency in Komsomosk-na-Amure.

“It was fruitful visit to promote superiority of Daejeon medical services. As the Korea-Russia economic cooperation is strengthened, we will also expand our network in the field of health and medical treatment to attract many medical tourism from Far East Russia.” Daejeon official said. 

Meanwhile, Daejeon plans to designate cooperative medical institutions and an active agency for promoting medical tourism to strength the network with Far east Russia, and Daejeon will hold a familiarization Tour with them later this year.