Daejeon Medical Tourism

Medical Call Center

  • Complaints received by foreign patients and emergency support
  • Service for receiving counseling and dispute settlement procedures for resolving disputes in the event of a medical accident;
  • Language support English, Japanese, Chinese, Russian, and Arabic counseling services are provided.
  • Usage time 24-hour consultation is available
  • Call center number +82-2-1577-7129
  • Homepage 한국보건산업진흥원 KhIDI(www.khidi.or.kr)

Emergency Medical Information Center

The Emergency Medical Information Center supplements the insufficient work of 119 paramedics, including hospital guidance and disease counseling for the general public, and allows emergency patients to receive emergency treatment quickly from emergency medical institutions. Sometimes, in the event of an inevitable inter-hospital transfer due to a lack of emergency medical equipment or operating rooms, it can provide information on hospitals that are available to emergency patients so that they can select the right hospital and prevent delays in treatment time.

Emergency Situation Management Center

It is installed in 12 regional emergency medical centers nationwide to collect and organize information related to the emergency medical system in the region and provide ambulances to the public.Currently, 119 paramedics from the fire department and emergency rooms from hospitals play a major role in the nation's emergency medical system. Since they have their own roles, the Emergency Medical Information Center serves as a lubricant to properly function in an organic cooperation system.

It collects emergency medical information and provides it to the general public, paramedics, and medical institutions.
It is installed in 12 areas nationwide and provides emergency medical information on hospitals in each area in real time.

It is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and the counselor will guide you to a hospital suitable for the patient's condition. A doctor will reside and provide medical counseling and first aid guidance over the phone. If an ambulance is needed, we will connect the dispatch of ambulances such as 119 paramedics. It provides medical information for foreigners and provides emergency medical interpretation services for foreign emergency patients.

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