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  • Shinsegae Science Complex
    신세계 사이언스 콤플렉스

    Shinsegae Science Complex, a super-large shopping mall, opens in the area of Daejeon Expo Plaza. It is a landmark in Daejeon where a variety of attractions, foods and international events are held in luxury department stores, hotels, and science and culture experience spaces.

  • Galleria (Timeworld branch)
    갤러리아 타임월드

    Time World, located in the new downtown of Daejeon Dunsan, is the biggest store of the central district. It is the only one store that deals with luxury brands such as Louis Vuitton, Gucci, and Ferragamo in Chungcheong provinces. The high-quality department store covers all areas of daily life and prepares for different amenities such as multiplex, cultural center, and sports center.

  • Lotte Department Store (Daejeon Branch)
    롯데백화점 대전점

    Lotte Department Store's Daejeon Breach, as the traditional luxury department store, has provided a satisfactory area for shopping with affordable price and various products based on elegant customer services. Furthermore, with the amenities including the newest style movie theatre and cultural center, the store has contributed to the improvement of quality of consumer culture as a living & cultural space.

  • NC Department Store(Yuseong)
    대전NC백화점 유성점
  • NC Department Store
    NC 백화점(대전 중앙로역점)

    Established in 30th April 2014, NC Department Store's Daejeon Jungang-ro Station Branch is the areal department store specialized in fashion. In keeping with the change of commercial trend, the store has consistently supplemented the product lines. The department store is located in downtown where attracts young people with great accessibility. The main target is the women customers who pursue young mind.

  • Hyundai Premium Outlet Daejeon branch
    현대프리미엄아울렛 대전점

    You can shop for famous local/international brand products at reasonable prices. It is a complex facility that combines amusement and cultural facilities such as hotels, cinemas, restaurants, cafes, beauty shops, spas, and various theme parks, as well as overseas luxury lineups, luxury select shops, and 270 famous local/international fashion brands.

  • Moda Outlet

    Moda Outlet is Korea's representative native fashion outlet where you can shop at a reasonable price, and has various convenience facilities such as restaurants and cafes as well as shopping.

  • Hanmin Market

    It is a certified excellent traditional market that rationally protects the interests of producers and consumers, with 240 specialty wholesale and retail stores for agriculture, livestock, aquatic products, clothing, and miscellaneous goods formed in comfortable, advanced facilities.

  • Doma Big Market

    In the 1970s, workers in nearby textile factories looked for a place to shop on their way back from work, therefore it is a naturally formed market. This typical rural marketplace is characterized by a variety of agricultural products and low prices.

  • Yuseong Traditional Market
    • 41, Daejeon-ro 797beon-gil, Dong-gu, Daejeon, Republic of Korea
    • 042-822-2472
    • Business Hour : permanent
    • 없음

    Established in 15th October 1916, this traditional five-day market is the traditional fork market with the old house located in Jangdae-dong 191beonji as the center. This market site has been spotlighted as the farmer’s marketplace.

  • Daejeon Station Underground Shopping Area
    대전역 지하상가
    • Jungang-ro, Dong-gu, Gwangju, Republic of Korea
    • 042-221-3628
    • Business Hour : Closed on First and Third Thursday

    Daejeon Station Underground Shopping Area, connecting Daejeon subway station to the underground of Jungang-ro, is equipped with all kinds of products from fashion & apparel to stationery and miscellaneous goods. It is the famous place of Daejeon shopping which has easy access to Jungang traditional market and the cultural street of Eunhaeng-dong.

  • Jungang Traditional Market

    Jungang Traditional Market, the biggest traditional market in the central district, consists of approx. 4,200 stores in 99,174㎡ wide area connecting Daejeon Station, Wondong4-ga, Daeheung Bridge, and Hongmyeong Store.

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